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Minnesota Historia Returns: Buckle Up for a Wild Ride Through the North Star State’s Past

Get ready Minnesota history buffs because PBS North’s beloved “Minnesota Historia” is back for a third season, hosted by Hailey Eidenschink. From the ooey-gooey origins of pizza rolls to the Iron Range’s unexpected surf rock scene. Season 3 promises a whirlwind tour through the state’s most fascinating and quirky moments.

Episode 1: Inventing Pizza Rolls

Did you know pizza rolls were invented in northern Minnesota? We head into the kitchen with Scandinavian cookbook author Bea Ojakangas. She developed America’s favorite snack while working for Jeno Paulucci. But she hasn’t tasted one for fifty years! Let’s see what she thinks of pizza rolls today.

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Episode 2: Minnesota in the Civil War

Minnesota was the first state to offer troops to the Union during the Civil War. And it was home to the last Civil War veteran when 106-year-old Albert Woolson died on August 2, 1956. For a state so far from Gettysburg, Antietam and Bull Run, Minnesota’s history in the Civil War is full of surprises.

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Episode 3: Lost Train of Pine City

According to local legend, a train derailed in Pine City, Minnesota in the 1800s. It plummeted down a steep embankment into the impossibly deep Devil’s Lake, where it disappeared forever. There is no evidence that this ever happened, but that hasn’t stopped people from looking for the train. How does a legend like this persist? And grow? And add circus animals for some reason?

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Episode 4: Alexander Miles, Elevator Action Man

In the 1800s, elevator doors were often left open to chance. The last person to use those doors might remember to close them. Or they might not. Then a real estate developer in Duluth, Minnesota invented automatic elevator doors and made the whole world a safer place to elevate. But that was just another day in the incredible life of the richest black man in the Midwest, Alexander Miles.

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Episode 5: Surf Rock on the Iron Range

After Minneapolis rock band the Trashmen scored a Top 10 hit with “Surfin’ Bird,” surf rock swept through Minnesota like a tidal wave, reaching up to Virginia on the Iron Range. Relive the rapid rise and tragic fall of Virginia’s own The Vaqueros on a very special musical episode of Minnesota Historia.

Premieres Tuesday, February 27 at noon on YouTube.

Episode 6: The Duke of Duluth

The people of Duluth love to see themselves depicted in popular culture. So it’s no surprise the city went wild when an operetta called “The Duke of Duluth” opened on Broadway in 1905. But who was the Duke of Duluth? And what happens when he finally visits his namesake city?

Premieres Tuesday, March 5 at noon on YouTube.

Bonus Tip: For an extra dose of Minnesota history goodness, check out the PBS North social media pages for exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Let the exploration continue!

Minnesota Historia seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on YouTube and the PBS App.

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