February Passport Highlights

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Call The Midwife Season 12

New and Notable

Available February 2nd

The King of WarsawGo inside the gang sowing fear and submission in the Polish capital leading up to WWII. Gangster Buddy Kaplica is in charge, but his right-hand man wants to be the King of Warsaw.

A Murder of CrowsTormented by the past, and haunted by the present, Martin Bruhl is still a brilliant investigator. Unable to eat or rest until a case is solved, Martin’s colleague and lover know his secrets.

The Crimson RiversDetective Pierre Niemans and former student Camille Delaunay solve unsettling murders. Pierre Niemans and Camille Delaunay return to unravel a series of gruesome murders.

St Maik Con artist Maik Schafer finds himself standing in for the new vicar of Lauterberg. Maik plans to help his
brother by getting his hands on the parish’s precious monstrance.

The Paris Murders seasons 1-3 Profiler Chloe Saint-Laurent solves homicide cases in this series based on actual criminal cases. Chloe must work with Det. Rocher, a cranky, hard-nosed cop.

Available February 9th

The Wall seasons 2-3 – Celine finds herself in charge of another mysterious murder investigation – with a new partner. As the suspects and the murders multiply, the case gets very personal.

Witnesses season 2 – A bus is discovered idling in the country. The only passengers are the frozen bodies of 15 men. The victims appear to have a single thing in common: they’re all wearing formal suits.

Top Dog – Two worlds collide, creating an extremely odd couple – lawyer Emily and ex-con Teddy. When their dreams for the future are destroyed, they must count on each other to get out alive

Inspector Ricciardi – In 1930s Naples, police commissioner Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi possesses a unique skill. He can see the ghosts of people who have died violent deaths and listen to their final thoughts

Available February 10th

Sisi: Austrian Empress – Witness the rise of Empress Elisabeth of Austria – Sisi – Europe’s first superstar. With her beauty, love of freedom, and promise to give the Habsburg monarchy a gentler face, this legendary empress inspired the whole of the continent.

Available February 16th

Inside Suspicion – Alice lives a normal life as a happy mom, until Thomas, her husband, and father of her child, is suspected of being an assassin who vanished after murdering his family 15 years earlier

Bella Germania – Julia Becker has just found out that her father is still alive. What else has been kept from her and why? This sprawling family drama spans generations and nations, posing the question, does love truly conquer all?

Interns – Due to some drastic preventative health measures, the doctors in charge of the hospital’s intern department find themselves quarantined. Three inexperienced interns and a medical examiner must tackle the situation head-on, unaware that this temporary quarantine is about to be extended indefinitely.

Paradise season 2 – Continue to follow the intertwined stories of Teresa, Pietro, and Vittorio to discover whether the Paradise lives up to its namesake.

The Empress season 2 – Maria Theresa has hopes for ending the war with Prussia, but her position as a powerful woman still draws the ire of many. No wonder Maria feels like she is fighting alone

Available February 17th

Acquitted – Aksel Borgen returns home to rural Norway to save an ailing local firm from bankruptcy. Despite being acquitted for murder two decades earlier, Aksel is still haunted by his past.

Available February 19th

Call the Midwife season 12 Call the Midwife follows the nurses, midwives, and nuns from Nonnatus House, who visit the expectant mothers of Poplar, providing the poorest women with the best possible care.

Early streaming opportunity with Passport, a New Episode every Week. this season won’t be available on broadcast until March 19th.

Available February 20th

DI Ray Newly promoted DI Rachita Ray takes on a case that forces her to face a lifelong personal conflict.

Early streaming opportunity with Passport, this series won’t be available on broadcast until summer 2023.

Available February 23rd

Something to Hide Family. Career. Everything in Claude’s life is a success. Then one day, his beloved grandson Lucas accuses Claude of rape in this drama freely inspired by the tale of Christian Iacono.

Raven Sent back to his hometown in the north of Poland, Detective Kruk is on the trail of smugglers when a young boy in the same village goes missing.

Munch seasons 1 & 2 Gabrielle Munchovski – Munch – is devoted to justice. Bold and irreverent, she will cross any line in defense of the innocent and marginalized.

Mafia Only Kills in Summer Salvatore and his family try to avoid any involvement with the Mafia in Palermo, Sicily, during the roaring 1970s in this touching coming-of-age story.

Pulled Apart A baby, only a few months old, is hospitalized. The doctors immediately suspect the parents of child abuse and refuse to listen to anything the parents offer as an explanation in this incredibly moving story of how human lives can be blown to bits by insidious rumors and blind justice

Available February 24th

Dicte Newly divorced crime reporter Dicte Svendsen returns home to Aarhus with her teenage daughter in tow. Plagued by painful memories of growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness and of the son she was forced to give up, Dicte’s new chapter is marred by the ghosts of her past. What’s more, her ex-husband remains irritatingly close to home

January Top Streams

  1. All Creatures Great and Small
  2. Vienna Blood
  3. Miss Scarlet and the Duke
  4. Seaside Hotel
  5. NOVA

Expiring Soon!

Super Skyscrapers: One World Trade Center

Expires: February 14th

Independent Lens The Black Panthers: Vanguard of a Revolution

Expires: February 15th

Very British Romance with Lucy Worsley

Expires: February 15th

American Masters Sammy Davis Jr., I Gotta Be Me

Expires: February 18th

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