Give for the Future

Our Strategic Vision

PBS North is a beacon of trust and enlightenment for the Northland community. We have identified 4 strategic initiatives leading us into the future: fostering lifelong learning for children, students & young people, nurturing curiosity for adults, building a strong community, and shaping the future through technology.  Learn more about these initiatives and how your gift to one of these priorities can make an impact here at PBS North.

Foster Lifelong Learning for Children, Students, and Young People 

We will empower learning through cutting-edge technology, enrichment programs, and education initiatives designed to close achievement gaps and promote literacy.

  • $240 can provide free educational materials to parents and children at one local community event. 
  • $360 can create a lesson plan for one of our local productions including documentaries, MN Historia, Native Report, etc. 
  • $600 can assist in hosting Kids Club events where children and parents can receive educational resources, connect with community partners, and engage in fun learning activities. 
  • $1,200 can give a PBS North Seed Fund grant to a partnering educator that will give them the resources for innovative lesson plans and educational materials that will then be shared with teachers across the Northland. 
  • $2,400 can help sponsor one semester of an internship allowing college students the opportunity to learn about the media industry and gain valuable job skills. 

Nurture Curiosity of Personal Growth for Adults 

We will foster personal growth and discovery through inclusive content with educational value. We will highlight topics important to our community and people living here.

  • $240 can provide 4 hours of PBS programming to thousands of households across the Northland. 
  • $360 can assist in creating an episode of The Slice highlighting the latest events and local stories from our Northland region. 
  • $600 can buy an episode of Nature or NOVA, or a week of cooking programs and documentaries from our content distributor American Public Television. 
  • $1,200 can assist in supporting our live events like screenings of new programs, in-studio events, and educational forums. 
  • $2,400 can help produce our in-studio programs including Almanac North, Doctors on Call and Great Gardening

Build a Strong Community Through Collaborative Partnerships

We will strengthen ties with our partnerships, and communities, integrating arts, culture, and design to complement local efforts that enhance economies and social outcomes.  

  • $240 can invite an expert to provide their insight at an educational PBS North event. 
  • $360 can assist with sponsoring 10 children at our annual day at the Huskies. 
  • $600 can allow children and their parents to meet their favorite PBS kids’ characters at local events such as Unity in Community, Juneteenth, etc. 
  • $1,200 can help PBS North sponsor a children’s literacy event with community partners such as our community public libraries across our viewing area where children could receive free books. 
  • $2,400 can assist with the cost of participating in and streaming local events such as the DSSO concerts, the Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards, etc. – connecting members of the community with arts, culture, and educational resources. 

Shape the Future through Technology

We will build digital infrastructure, upgrade tools, enhance content creation and distribution, and ensure our staff are proficient in emerging technologies.

  • $240 can assist with the annual cost of software needed to plan and track events and productions. 
  • $360 can provide learning opportunities for our employees to learn how to integrate new technology into filming and editing our productions. 
  • $600 can purchase an iPad that can be utilized during learning events to engage children with educational games and activities. 
  • $1,200 can support the technology needed to stream a local event or community presentation.  
  • $2,400 can provide the computer and software necessary for student interns to learn how to edit media using professional tools. 

The information provided is general in nature. It is not intended to be, and should not be construed as legal or tax advice. PBS North does not provide legal or tax advice. 

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