Minnesota Historia Season 2

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Minnesota Historia Premieres on May 3rd

Minnesota Historia is your guide to all things quirky in Minnesota’s past. Season 2 of this documentary series is hosted by Hailey Eidenschink, a historian who loves telling stories that show how strange northern Minnesota can be.

New episodes every Wednesday at noon on YouTube.

Minnesota Historia Season 2 Preview

Episode 1: The Legend of John Beargrease

One of the fastest, coolest, most beloved mail carriers who ever lived was Minnesota’s own John Beargrease. Hear the story of how he delivered mail in northeastern Minnesota before there were roads, and learn why there’s a sled dog marathon named after him.

Episode 2: Minnesota’s Tourist Traps

Travelers in Minnesota who want to experience the golden age of the tourist trap are a few decades late, but a handful of these kitschy roadside attractions still remain. Join us as we hit the open road in search of adventure, cheap souvenirs, and a room full of chainsaws.

Episode 3: Mr. Magoo the Mongoose and Other Animals in Wrong Places

In 1962, a mongoose at the Duluth Zoo was sentenced to death by the federal government, but he’s not the only animal in Minnesota who finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Episode 4: The Magic of Smelting


Explore Minnesota’s love affair with smelt, the shimmering silver fish that’s easy to catch and fun to eat. Now that Lake Superior’s smelt population is in decline, an annual parade in downtown Duluth keeps that love alive.

Episode 5: Boomtown!


The history of Minnesota’s Iron Range is full of boomtowns. That word usually refers to any town that grows rapidly due to economic prosperity. But in the case of Eveleth, “boomtown” took on a more literal definition. Twice.

Episode 6: The Ope Files

The story of a UFO that ran into a deputy sheriff’s car in Marshall County may have inspired The X-Files. But since this is Minnesota, we’re calling it the “Ope, I’m Just Gonna Scooch Right Past Ya Here” Files.

Minnesota Historia season 1 is streaming now on YouTube and the PBS App.

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