The Slice Call for Freelancers!

Sunrise over Lake Superior

You have a special opportunity to create short videos for PBS North / The Slice spots on Duluth’s local PBS station. The Slice is defined as “a slice of life”, giving the viewer unique access to a moment in time, event, or community in our viewing area of Northeastern Minnesota MN, and Northwestern Wisconsin. Ideally, these are done without narration, but they could have interviews or natural sounds to help tell the story. For additional examples of the types of stories that may be a good fit for The Slice follow PBS North’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.


  • Start and End: 1-2 seconds lead in and out with natural sound to accommodate graphics & logo placement. Length: between 45 seconds and 1 minute 15 seconds long.
  • Graphics: Please do not create your own unless the piece is creatively driven by graphics. We will place our titles on selected Slices.
  • Please supply titles in written form to PBS North.
  • Please List the Location / People / and the Time in the video they show up. This is so that titles can pop up on the screen when a location is shown, or when a person is talking.
  • PBS North retains editorial control and may adjust the final cut for time restrictions, content, etc.
  • Minimum Format Requirements: · Minimum of 35mbs (50 Preferred) · Minimum Frame Resolution 1920 by 1080p · Minimum of 30 frames a second.
  • Audio for the interview conducted with a Boom or Lav Mic Preferred Edit: · Xdcam 50mbs, 422, 1920×1080 · 30p or 60i with rec 709 color.


$100 per completed Slice episode.

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