May Passport Highlights

May Passport Highlights

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Long Lost Family

For thousands of people across Britain, there’s someone missing from their lives. Long Lost Family is a brand-new series that reunites relatives after years of separation. Presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, the series offers a last chance for people desperate to find long-lost relatives.

Available May 3

I Killed My Husband Season 1

Anna Viera confesses to killing her abusive husband, but has she murdered him? She becomes a
fugitive to uncover the truth.

In French with English subtitles

Available May 5

Maryland on Masterpiece

MaryLand is a story about two sisters, about what binds them together and what has driven them apart. Becca and Rosaline find themselves thrown together by the sudden death of their mother, Mary. Trapped on the Isle of Man with each other, the sisters can’t escape the ripple effect of their mother’s decisions, as they discover layer after layer of Mary’s secrets.

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Available May 10

The Wagner Method Season 3

Cesar investigates a tragedy at a high-profile wedding and the murder of a young Orthodox
Jewish widow–and is he getting a deadly throat infection?!

In French with English subtitles

Canada launch: 5/10/24, US launch: 6/7/24

Available May 13

COBRA Season 3

Prime Minister Robert Sutherland is plunged into chaos when an environmental demonstration meets with grave consequences, just as his popularity is plummeting in light of a controversial police-protest bill. As an investigation gets underway, the PM is forced to reckon with the possibility that the most dangerous rebellion has come from within.

Available May 17

Disturbing Disappearances, Season 1

Dealing with cases involving kidnapping, drugs and abuses of power takes a toll on the personal
lives of the police teams tracking down missing people.

Available May 24

Bellefond Season 1

Prosecutor Antoine Bellefond never spares the criminals who cross his path. But a mistake and a
subsequent tragedy make him rethink his career. With the help of three of his best criminal law students, he
has a new mission: fighting against miscarriages of justice.

In French with English subtitles.

Roots of Comedy with Jesus Trejo

Part comedy, part social commentary, host Jesus Trejo embarks on a journey across America meeting with six rising comedians who explore the mosaic of our nation through the lens of stand-up comedy.

Available May 31

Seaside Hotel Season 10

Following the end of WWII, Denmark is free again. Will the residents and owners of this famous Danish hotel see things differently once the Nazis are gone?

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April Top Streams

  1. Call the Midwife
  2. All Creatures Great and Small
  3. Astrid
  4. Doc Martin

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