June Passport Highlights

June Passport Highlights

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Available June 1

Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution

From the basement bars of ‘70s New York to the peak of the global charts, this is the story of disco: its rise, its fall… and its legacy. Reveling in iconic tracks and remarkable footage, this is a powerful, revisionist history of the disco age.

Available June 7

The Wagner Method Season 3

Cesar investigates a tragedy at a high-profile wedding and the murder of a young Orthodox
Jewish widow–and is he getting a deadly throat infection?!

In French with English subtitles

Greetings From America

Two women endure hardship and heartbreak in postwar West Germany. Both friends strive to
create meaningful lives for themselves while the world they know turns upside down.

In German with English subtitles.

Available June 14

House of Promises Season 2

When Harry and Helene return to Berlin, it’s a second chance for Harry and Vicky’s love story.
But Nazism is beginning to take hold.

In German with English subtitles.

Available June 16

Professor T Season 3

Season 3 begins with Professor T in jail awaiting trial. As the Professor struggles to get his old life and job back, he is helped by Dan and Lisa who again rely on his brilliant criminal insight and analysis to solve tricky and intriguing crimes. The Professor also seeks to discover what really happened the night his father died.

Grantchester Season 9

Alongside Robson Green as DI Geordie Keating, Tom Brittney returns for his final season as beloved vicar, Will Davenport. The pair must navigate crime-solving, challenges to their friendship, and more in charming Grantchester. Rishi Nair joins the cast as the new vicar in the village, Alphy Kotteram.

DI Ray Season 2

After a fatal shooting outside a hospital threatens to erupt into a full-blown turf war, DI RAY must uncover the truth before tensions spill onto Birmingham streets.

Available June 17

The Great American Recipe Season 3

A brand-new season returns with eight talented home cooks from regions across the United States preparing their most beloved and memorable recipes. Each week the judges determine which home cook has the winning dish. In the final week of the competition, the top three home cooks compete for a chance to win The Great American Recipe.

episode will be available to stream the Morning of the Broadcast premiere.

Available June 19

Hope in the Water

From legendary Emmy-winning producer David E. Kelley and longtime television chef Andrew Zimmern, Hope in the Water explores the groundbreaking work of dedicated fishers, aqua farmers, and scientists who are attempting what was once thought impossible: harvesting aquatic species to feed our growing planet while saving our oceans.

Available June 26

Long Lost Family: What Happened Next?

The spinoff series What Happened Next? follows up with participants after reunions. Relationships become more complicated, new truths come to light, and never-before-known family members come forward. The spinoff tracks the developments in several of the most talked about stories featured in previous episodes.

May Top Streams

  1. Guilt
  2. MaryLand
  3. The Nordic Murders
  4. COBRA
  5. Poldark

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