PBS North’s Newest Documentary Premieres on Veterans Day 2024

Cold War Secrets of Northern Minnesota bold logo with a black background.

Unveiling Hidden History: PBS North’s “Cold War Secrets of Northern Minnesota”

History buffs, mark your calendars! PBS North is set to premiere a fascinating documentary, Cold War Secrets of Northern Minnesota, on Veterans Day, November 11th, 2024. This insightful film delves into an overlooked period – northern Minnesota’s critical role during the tense years of the Cold War.

Cold War Secrets of Northern Minnesota isn’t just about history; it’s about understanding this period’s profound influence on the region today. It’s a chance to connect with the sacrifices made, the anxieties endured, and the resilience of the people of northern Minnesota.

Mark your calendars for November 11th, 2024, and tune in to PBS North to uncover the fascinating secrets this documentary promises to reveal.

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