July Passport Highlights

July Passport Highlights

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Available July 5

Madame K, Season 2

With boudoirs turning into battlegrounds of espionage and intrigue as 1941 dawns, the girls
become soldiers in the imminent war–and the victors might well be decided between the sheet

In Estonian with English subtitles.

Available July 12


Unsettling nightmares after a transplant drive Florence to research the origin of her new heart.
Was her donor murdered?

In French with English subtitles

Available June 19


What starts off as a regular gathering of the Fuentes family ends in murder. 

In French with English subtitles.

Available July 23

Gods of Tennis

Rebels, rockstars, revolutionaries. On court, they were legends. Off court, they challenged the world. Ashe, McEnroe, Borg, King, Navratilova, Evert – the golden age of tennis.

Available July 24

Sea Change: The Gulf of Maine

SEA CHANGE, a special presentation of NOVA, is a story about a sea within the sea, a body of water that is warming 99% faster than the global ocean. What happens here, for the animals in the water, for the jobs dependent upon it and for the millions of people along its shores, is likely to happen worldwide. We are at a crossroads for the future of the Gulf – and our oceans. Does it retain enough of its biodiversity and regenerative strength to weather the human-induced storm? Is the sheer beauty of the place and spectacular range of its creatures enough to wake us to the stakes?

Available July 26

The Sketch Artist Season 2

Eve has gone on leave. Maryse is out of rehab but still suffers in the aftermath of her attack.
Anto does everything to forget that he killed a man. But crime doesn’t stop.

In French with English subtitles.

Available July 28

Hotel Portofino Season 3

When Cecil returns requesting divorce, Bella must decide what her future holds. But when the Wall Street Crash hits, Bella and Cecil lose almost everything. Desperation leads to dangerous actions in this sun-soaked 1920s Italian drama.

June Top Streams

  1. Grantchester
  2. Seaside Hotel
  3. Professor T
  4. The Paris Murders
  5. All Creatures Great and Small

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